Open Heart Space – Cacao and Circle January 12


Friday evening January 12 from 19:45 PM to 22:00 PM (entry from 19:30 PM)
Location Samudita, Eksterlaan 2, Bussum

Now that the evenings are longer and we are moving indoors more, we would like to invite you again for an evening full of connection in the safe bed of a small Heart Circle with Cacao. In this New Year's edition we will pay extra attention to setting powerful intentions for the coming year.

During this evening we, Barbara and Jesse, bring together the magic of Sacred Cacao and Heart Circle work. Both wonderful instruments to open your heart and connect more deeply with your body, feelings and each other.

In the Heart Circle, inspired by HeartIQ, we address the part of our nervous system that has been trusted for thousands of years to move as one in a tribe. We start the evening with a meditation with Cacao (or herbal tea if you prefer), we move or dance, make music together, express our voices, express what lives within us and there is the opportunity to share your heart's desires. and to be received herein by the circle.
A celebration of your unique self in the safe bed of the tribe.

The Sacred Cacao with which we will connect helps to ground and open. We serve Keith's cocoa from Guatemala in its purest and original form - packed with healthy nutrients such as magnesium, antioxidants, iron and theobromine. This Cacao opens body and mind, provides focus and supports creativity and inner work.

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