Open Heart Space – New Moon Womanhood Nurture Relax and Unwind

Monday evening, November 13 from 19:45 PM to 22:00 PM (entry from 19:30 PM)
Location Samudita, Eksterlaan 2, Bussum
For women, max 10 participants

Open Heart Space: special New Moon Womanhood Edition Nurture, Relax & Unwind!

Enter a world of slowing down, inner nourishment and rediscovering your unique self in connection with other beautiful women. During this special evening of the New Moon, we invite you to slow down, embrace yourself with everything that lives within you and bring this into contact in the bed of the circle.
Here we bring playfulness, sound and relaxation together as we discover together three indispensable ingredients for a balanced nervous system, a peaceful life and a harmonious connection with each other.

The Power of Slowing Down
Step by step, we dive into the power of slowing down. We take the time to calibrate our nervous system, creating a deep sense of security in our bodies. Every little change, every signal and every impulse from our body is consciously perceived. It is a subtle process in which we release tension by following the wisdom of our body.

Somatic Safety – At home within yourself
We honor our body by getting to know it better in this delayed way. This creates a deeper loving connection with ourselves, creating the embodied safety to feel more deeply and embrace all parts of ourselves. This forms the basis for attuning to others (atunement), listening with empathy, experiencing a greater sense of love and co-regulating our nervous system.

Connection and Regulation Together
As your body becomes familiar with this relaxed, nourished state of being, you will find it easier to incorporate into your daily life. You learn to connect with others and the world around you in a new, relaxed way. Attuned and playful, we discover ourselves and our contact with others and thus relax together on an even deeper level. It's like going back to the time when we lived in tribes, where we came together to share our experiences, co-regulate and nourish our nervous systems by connecting with others.

Sacred Cocoa and Sound
100% pure ceremonial cocoa, specially selected for deep inner work and opening the heart, invites us to sink deeper into our body and connect with our heart. The healing sounds of the singing bowls, the gong, the harmonium or shrutibox, just like our voices weave a magical carpet of deep relaxation and relaxation.


We start the evening with a short embodiment exercise to ground and connect with ourselves. We drink Sacred Cacao (or a cup of fresh rose or herbal tea), share our intention in the Circle and take the space to share what lives within us and to discover what we want to receive, release or express. During the evening we explore our breathing, use our voice, move and give and receive touch - always with respect for and in coordination with each other. There will be a number of instruments in the room that invite you and we will round off the evening with a Soundbath and the sounds of a beautiful and magical Earth Gong.

The evening is yours if:

-You need to slow down and nourish yourself in connection with others
-You want to immerse yourself in the healing sounds of a sound bath with a gong
-You want to connect more deeply with your intention/intuition under the New Moon and want to be reinforced in this by other Sisters
-You want to get to know and express your boundaries and desires better
-You want to learn practical tools for self-regulation and regulation
-You want to discover the magic of Sacred Cacao and Heart Circle work
-You want to learn to relax more deeply in giving and receiving

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